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Been quite a while...

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Mar. 26th, 2008 | 08:30 pm
mood: calm calm

Today was QUITE a day.
I got THREE packages in the mail!
I always get pretty excited when I get mail,
let alone packages.

Right now,
I am watching America's Next Top Model
The guy from that photography show just did a photohoot.
Pretty cool.

I beta'd my first LJ story a day or two ago
I liked the story, it was pretty cool.
I am about to start beta-ing a second story.
I have a feeling I am on the verge of getting really busy.
But I think that's AWSOME!

I'm gonna start writing a story.
It will be an HP fan fic.
It should be pretty effin good!

This entry is totally scatter-brained.

I am commiting to working out.
I need to get into shape.
Ya know what I mean?
I have been goin strong for four days now.
I plan to have lost 20 pounds by april 19
Wish me luck!


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